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Categories for Posts

Categories are what your posts are about. If you have a look at my blog ( in the menu there is “Blog Categories”. Every time I do a post I choose a category for it. This makes reading a blog easier for your audience and also helps search engines know what each section is about. … Continue reading »

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Menu’s / Widgets

In addition to what was explained in the What to do first? post, here is some more information on adding menus to your blog. On many of the themes there are two types of menus.. Page sidebar (which will only show on a page such as your about page). Then the Blog sidebar, which will usually be … Continue reading »

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Your Adventure Rider Blogs

We are starting to grow quite a bit and it’s fantastic to see the new bloggers ready to share their adventures. Some of the new ones ready to go are about to travel overseas so that will be interesting. There is also one in the pipeline which will be a workshop blog on a very … Continue reading »

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Other Adventure Motorcycle Blogs

For some ideas on what you can do on your new adventure riding blog I have found some links to great blogs! (also a fantastic read, so go grab a coffee) Danielle is an Aussie / Kiwi chick who is currently riding from Australia to Africa over land through South East Asia, India, The Middle … Continue reading »

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What To Do First

Okay, so you have signed up for a blog of your own, received the email with your login details, logged in and now what? Here is an admin page with too many options. It’s all good.. you ride an adventure bike, you can deal with this! If you ride a BMW then you are probably used … Continue reading »

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Which Theme to Choose for Your Adventure Blog?

We have started with 7 themes (or designs) that you can choose from. Some can have the images in the banner or header changed with your own photos. Some are set in stone. 3 Themes with images you can change: Twenty Ten This theme is very simple and you can either upload and crop your own image … Continue reading »

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Design theme templates

The design templates for blogs have been updated with new thumbnails. You can set your theme under “Appearance” in your admin menu.

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Welcome to Adventure Riders Blogs

Welcome to Adventure Riders Blogs, a site where adventure riders can set up a free blog to post about their travels. Features that we have currently: Free blog made possible by the inclusion of 3 ad spaces which must remain active 7 designs, many of which you can add you own images to Basic support … Continue reading »

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