Categories for Posts

Categories are what your posts are about. If you have a look at my blog ( in the menu there is “Blog Categories”. Every time I do a post I choose a category for it. This makes reading a blog easier for your audience and also helps search engines know what each section is about.

An example:

You did a big trip around Australia but now you are going to America. You may want a seperate category for each of those type of posts. Perhaps you write a lot about things in the workshop, that could be a category.

Look down and you will see that this post is under the category Blog Help. (Posted under Blog Help)

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Menu’s / Widgets

In addition to what was explained in the What to do first? post, here is some more information on adding menus to your blog.

On many of the themes there are two types of menus.. Page sidebar (which will only show on a page such as your about page). Then the Blog sidebar, which will usually be the one you want and shows on all pages, the posts etc. When you first go into Widgets that one is often minimised. When you open it you see what I have in this screenshot. You drag the ones you want from the available list on the left and place them in the order you want on the Blog Sidebar.

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Your Adventure Rider Blogs

We are starting to grow quite a bit and it’s fantastic to see the new bloggers ready to share their adventures. Some of the new ones ready to go are about to travel overseas so that will be interesting. There is also one in the pipeline which will be a workshop blog on a very interesting bike build.

If there is anything you would like to suggest please contact me and I will see what I can do. Perhaps you have seen something you like on another blog, a design or gadget / menu item etc. I can probably find it or something similiar. I do intend to add a few more design templates (themes) in the near future.

There are a number of extra plugin that can be used and sometimes I will need to activate them or set them up for you. One example is the WordPress for iPhone app which needs to have a setting activated for each blog.

Happy blogging!


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Other Adventure Motorcycle Blogs

For some ideas on what you can do on your new adventure riding blog I have found some links to great blogs! (also a fantastic read, so go grab a coffee)

Danielle is an Aussie / Kiwi chick who is currently riding from Australia to Africa over land through South East Asia, India, The Middle East to Egypt. She won the ‘Nancy Bird Walton Sponsorship For Adventurous Woman’ from the Australian Geographic Socitey. Her blog is: Motomonkey Adventures

Adam Goldstein rode around Australia last year on a KTM, rasing money for the Steven Walter Foundations (kids cancer). His blog is: Adam’s Ride Around Australia.

Richard, aka TravellingStrom, has a blog about his travels. He intended to travel around Australia and then the world. There are a lot of rides on there as it has been going since 2007. Richards blog:  TravellingStrom

Betty (Rosann) is riding a motobike ….around the world (with Dan)…… a little bit at at time…mostly in 3 month bites. The story is loosely about Betty…travelling through countries and little towns…bypassing big citys and big highways (as much as possible). The blog is: Alternative Route

Will and Kate’s big adventure from Australia to London:  Wollongong to Woolwich

Mcguyver from the Advrider forum’s blog: Chasing the Horizon

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What To Do First

Okay, so you have signed up for a blog of your own, received the email with your login details, logged in and now what? Here is an admin page with too many options. It’s all good.. you ride an adventure bike, you can deal with this! If you ride a BMW then you are probably used to having too many options and you will probably start asking where all the bells and whistles are but thats okay. ;)

Note that at the top right of the admin area there is a Help button. Clicking this will explain the particular area you are in at the time.

Lets play a little and make this sucker your own:

Open your blog admin ( in one browser page and this one in another so you can look at both.


Manage ThemesThis is what WordPress calls the design. Click Appearance on the menu. The theme at the top is the default one you have been given. There are lots more below it to choose from. Some of the themes can have the images changed, some can’t. Here is a list of them and a short explanation of each one. This link opens in a new window so you can come back: Themes.

To choose a theme click the Activate link. To preview a theme click on the screenshot of the theme.

If you can change the header image there will be a link below your current theme saying Header. Click that and either upload an image or if there is some to choose from then select one and click save.



WidgetsTo add things to your sidebar (that menu that is on the left or right of your blog) go to Appearance > Widgets. Widgets are like menus but also have many other features. You can see some on this page to the right: Get your own blog, Latest Tribe Posts etc. Drag the widgets you want over to right and place them on the sections you would like. In this screenshot you can see I have added Categories and Links to the sidebar that will show on all of my pages. There are many more and you can test them to see what you like.

Each widget has options like a title and how it should display. Edit each one, click save and the close link.

The options for where you can place widgets differ between themes so you will need to play around with it if it is different to this screenshot.


Edit PageThese are different to posts in that they are always in the same place. Example of pages are the links in the top right menu of this page. There is About, Contact and Blog Help. Your blog will have a sample page when you start so click on Pages in the admin menu and then on Sample Page. You could edit this to make it an About page.

Don’t forget to click Update on the right when you are done! However if you do WordPress saves drafts as you go.





Click on Posts and you can see a post called Hello World. Click on that to edit it. I think most of that is self-explanatory and don’t forget there is the help button. The text editor is quite simple, have a play with it. You can add images to your post by clicking beside the Upload / Insert heading.

More to come later..

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Which Theme to Choose for Your Adventure Blog?

We have started with 7 themes (or designs) that you can choose from. Some can have the images in the banner or header changed with your own photos. Some are set in stone.

3 Themes with images you can change:

Twenty Ten

Twenty Ten ThemeThis theme is very simple and you can either upload and crop your own image for the header or you can choose from some that I have added.




Adventure Journal

Adventure JournalThis aptly named theme is the one used on the main site and you can either upload and crop your own image for the header or you can choose from some that I have added.




Scherzo Another very simple theme. You can upload your own image for the header or you can have no header image at all if you like it very simple.




4 Themes with images you cannot change:


LiteThoughtsIt says you can change the image on this theme, but you can’t. However it is a nice design with the menu on the left.



Random Background

Random BackgroundThis theme has a number of riding images that form the background randomly. These are set in stone. This probably isn’t the best design for readability but it’s something a bit different.




Gone fishing

Gone fishingAnother very simple design. You can’t change the image at the top.



Travelogue This one has random pictures in the polaroid at the top left. These are adventure bike photos that are set in stone. It is a nice design with some cool features.

We will be adding more templates from time to time, including a custom one we are modifying in which you can add video to the header. If you see a WordPress theme you think would be great then contact me and I will look at adding it.









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Design theme templates

The design templates for blogs have been updated with new thumbnails. You can set your theme under “Appearance” in your admin menu.


Blog themes available now

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Welcome to Adventure Riders Blogs

Welcome to Adventure Riders Blogs, a site where adventure riders can set up a free blog to post about their travels.

Features that we have currently:

  • Free blog made possible by the inclusion of 3 ad spaces which must remain active
  • 7 designs, many of which you can add you own images to
  • Basic support via email or commenting on the main site
  • Your own subdomain based url, for example:
  • You can upload images and link to them from elsewhere
  • You can import from an existing “Blogger” blog

What we intend to add:

  • Social media promotion
  • Plugins for extra features
  • Tutorials and faqs
  • More designs
  • Much much more

If you are interested in starting a blog please use the contact form or comment here with your blog name (this will become your address so keep it short), your email (where your username and password will be sent), your name and any questions you have.

To see an example of one of the blogs here is a testing one.



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